In this moodle course is collected the open research process in an Erasmus + collaboration with the UÉvora of 3 months (6 in practice and continues, because the interest overflows the bureaucratic framework).



  •  B8D > Presentation of the final product of this research, which includes:
        • Videos of the 3D creation process in VR from inside and outside.
        • Index of Free Software needed to perform the processes.           

  1. I (11-17)J · Naturalidade
  2. II (18-24)J · Topografias
  3. III (25-31)J · Construído
  4. IV (1-7)A · Planificados
  5. V (8-14)A · Domo ink3d
  6. VI (15-21)A · +Espaços
  7. VII (22-28)A · 3D → XR
  8. VIII (29-4)S · OAR/GPS
  9. IX (5-11)S · Animações
  10. X (12-18)S · AWE|Artigo
  11. XI (19-25)S · Mobilidade


  •  Essay "Heritage for All" for UNA EUROPA PhD Workshop.


QR link to VR





  • Malagueira 360º (4K/8K).

3D Assets Repo:

Malagueira XR Assets by Antonio Montes 

  This work continues to be progressively enriched (outside the dates of the Erasmus+), and are pending completion:

-OnLine Talk on AWE.LIVE platform about this collaboration (dates before June'23).
 -Create the Open Educational Resource of the HACK FOR XR process.

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