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Neal Stephenson

Co-Founder at Lamina1

Michael Robins #we the people
Education XR

Open Ecosystem

Hugo Swart
VP & GM of XR and Metaverse
Yi Xu

Director at OPPO

Tony Parisi

CPO at Lamina1

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Tony Parisi is a Metaverse and virtual reality pioneer, entrepreneur and investor. He has co-created several international 3D graphics standards, including VRML, X3D, and glTF. Tony is the author of O’Reilly Media’s foundational books on 3D graphics and Virtual Reality. Tony is currently Chief Product Officer at Lamina1, a layer 1 blockchain for the Metaverse. He is also an advisor and limited partner in early stage venture firms focused on the creator economy. Previously, Tony was Head of XR Ads and E-Commerce at Unity, where he oversaw strategy and product for the company’s real-time 3D brand advertising and commerce solutions. Tony is also a musician and composer and is currently finishing the cast recording for Judgment Day, a full- length original musical. Tony has become one of the leading spokespeople for the immersive industry, speaking on industry trends and technology innovations in virtual and augmented reality at numerous industry conferences. He was recently named in Next Reality’s 30 People to Watch in Augmented Reality in 2020. Most recently, Tony was Head of XR Ads and E-Commerce at Unity, where he oversaw strategy and product for the company’s real-time 3D brand advertising and commerce solutions....Show less

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Alvin Graylin

Global VP of Corporate Development, China President at HTC

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Mr. Graylin is the China President at HTC, leading all aspects of the Vive/VR ( and the Smartphone businesses in the region. He is also currently Vice-Chairman of the Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance ( with 300+ company members, President of the $18B Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance ( and oversees the Vive X VR Accelerators ( in Beijing, Shenzhen and Tel Aviv. Mr. Graylin has over two dozen years of business management experience in the tech industry, including 18 years in Greater China. Prior to HTC, he was a serial entrepreneur, having founded four venture-backed startups in the mobile and internet spaces, covering mobile social, AD tech, search, big data and digital media. Additionally, he has held $100+ million P&L roles at a number of public companies. Mr. Graylin was born in China and educated in the US. He received his MS in computer science from MIT, MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and BS in electrical engineering from the University of Washington, where he had specialized in VR and AI over two decades ago. Mr. Graylin is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese....Show less

Kent Bye

Producer at Voices of VR

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Since May 2014, Kent Bye has published over 1000 Voices of VR podcast interviews featuring the pioneering artists, storytellers, and technologists driving the resurgence of virtual & augmented reality. He's an oral historian, experiential journalist, & aspiring philosopher, helping to define the patterns of immersive storytelling, experiential design, ethical frameworks, & the ultimate potential of XR.

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