• Ken Russell (Khronos Group, Google)
    • WebGL Updates
  • Kelsey Gilbert (Mozilla)
    • WebGPU Updates
  • Oleksandr Popov (Intellias)
    • Voxel Airplanes Demo
  • Henrik Edstrom & Aura Munoz (Autodesk)
  • Martin Valigursky (PlayCanvas)
    • WebGPU Integration in PlayCanvas: Techniques and Process Overview
  • Q&A Session

LB         Lars Bohn19:13         Not a question, but FYI: We're looking forward to use WebGPU through emscripten.         Esta pregunta se respondió en vivo     AH     Andres Hernandez19:18     I'm working with WebGL for mobile, and it's working in Safari, but there are bugs in Chrome and Firefox. Is there any way to debug WebGL on Firefox/Chrome on iOS since I'm not able to see errors or the JavaScript console since Safari macOS only supports remote debugging on Safari iOS?     Esta pregunta se respondió en vivo  AM ANTONIO MONTES(Usted)19:19 Hi, thanks for the webinar and sorry if the question is not applicable: Concerned about the weight of the cloud and data consumption ... Can the webGPU can solve economizing consumptions? An example that interests in the Fine Arts Faculties and XR creation. Will the following be possible then: Translate .tilt files from to Shaders from the original data of trajectory and line thickness intensity, instead of the heavy mesh in Glb to upload to virtual spaces? How can we check the exact power consumption of e.g. Mozilla Hubs (and others if any)? Esta pregunta se respondió en vivo MM Mauro Marenzi19:24 i would like to know if the is a roadmap with a final release date of webgpu 1.0 final release is for Chrome, Firefox,Edge but also Safari in IOs and Android too Esta pregunta se respondió en vivo
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